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Gaelic Crests-Ireland
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Bacon (Londonderry) Bagnall (Down) Bagot (Dublin) Bagwell (Tipperary) Baillie (Armagh) Baird (Tyrone) Baker (Tipperary)
Balfour (Lord Balfour) Ball Barcroft (Armagh) Bare Barkey (Dublin) Barlow (Dublin) Barnewell
Barrett Barrett (Castle Barrett) Barrington (Dublin) Barron (Waterford) Barrow Barry (Viscount Buttevant) Barton ( Tipperary)
Bath (Athcarne Castle) Batt (Wexford and Down) Battersby (Cavan) Beaghan (Antrim) Beamish (Cork) Beasley (Dublin) Beauman (Wexford and Kildare)
Beaumont (Viscount Beaumont) Becher (Cork) Becket Begg (Dublin) Beirne or O'Beirne (Connaught) Bell (Fermanagh) Bellew
Bellingham (Castle-Bellingham) Bennett (Dublin) Benningham Bennis (Dublin) Benson (Dublin) Beresford (Marquess of Waterford) Bermingham (Meath)
Bernard (Earl of Bandon) Berry (Westmeath) Best (Kilkenny) Betagh Betham (Ulster King of Arms) Bevens (Dublin) Bevereham

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