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Knighthood Orders
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Seraphim-Collar (Sweden) Seraphim-Collar (Sweden) Short Seraphim-Star (Sweden) Slaves to Virtue-Badge (Germany) St Anthony (Ethiopia) St Anthony (Hainault) St Catherine of Mount Sinai (Greece)
St Catherine of Russia St Ferdinand-Grand Cross (Spain) St George- Cross (Bavaria) St George Genoa St George of Revenna St George-Badge (Bavaria) St George-Badge (Rome)
St Hubert-Badge (Lorraine) St James (France) St James-Badge (Portugal) St James-Badge (Spain) St James-Collar (Holland) St James-Collar (Holland) Short St Januarius (Naples)
St Louis-Grand Cross (France) St Mark -Collar (Venice) St Michael-Cross (Bavaria) St Michael-Star (England) St Michel-Collar (France) St Patrick-Star (Ireland) St Sepulchre (Papal Order)
St Stanislaus-Star (Poland) St Stephen-Cross (Tuscany) Star-Collar (France) Starry Cross-Badge (Austria) Swan-Collar (Germany) Sword Bearers-Badge (Sweden) Sword-Star (Sweden)
Templars-Badge (Holy Land) Teutonic (Prussia-Germany) The Crescent-Badge (Turkey) Thistle of Bourbon-Collar (France) Thistle-Badge (Scotland) Thistle-Jewel (Scotland) Thistle-Star (Scotland)
Tower and Sword-Star-(Portugal) Two Sicilies-Star (Italy) White Eagle Collar (Poland) White Eagle Collar-Short (Poland) White Eagle-Badge (Poland) White Eagle-Star Cross (Poland) White Elephant-Badge (Denmark)
White Elephant-Collar (Short) Dmk White Elephant-Collar Denmark White Falcon-Star (Saxe) Wing of St Michael-Badge (Portugal)

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