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Gaelic Crests-Ireland
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Beverley (Dublin) Bice (Sheriff of Dublin) Biggar Billington (Dublin) Bindon (Clare) Bingham (Earl of Lucan) Birch (Kilkenny)
Bisse (1637) Black Blacker (Armagh) Bladen Blake (Galway and Mayo) Blakeney (Galway) Blanchfield (Blanchfieldstown)
Bland (Blandsfort) Blennerhasset (Kerry) Bligh (Earl of Darnley) Blond Blood Bloomfield (Lord Bloomfield) Blosse (Mayo)
Blunden (Castle Blunden) Bodkin (Galway) Boland or O'Boland Bolton (Meath) Bomford (Meath) Bond (Longford) Bonnell (1691)
Booth (Sligo) Borrowes (Kildare) Bosvile Boulter (Bishop of Bristol) Bourke (Viscount Bourke) Bowen (Queen`s co) Bowes (Lord Bowes)
Bownder (Limerick) Bowyer Boyd (Westmeath) Boyle (Earl of Cork) Boyse Boyton (Tipperary) Brabazon (Earl of Meath)
Brackenridge (Tyrone) Bradley (1608) Bradshaw (Down) Bradstreet (Kildare) Brady or MacBrady Brasier (Londonderry) Breen (Kerry)
Brenan (Kilkenny) Brennan or O'Brennan (Ossory) Brenon (Connaught) Brett Brewster (temp. Charles II) Brice (Sir HUGH BRICE, Knt.) Brien or Bryne
Brien or O'Brien (Thomond) Bright Brigid Broder or O'Broder Bulfin (Dublin) Bulkeley Bull
Bunbury (Carlow) Burke (Viscount Galway) Burke or Bourke Butler ( temp. Henry II) Butt (Limerick) Byrne or O'Byrne Byshoppe (Dublin)

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