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Knighthood Orders
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Amarantha (Sweden) Bath-Star Grand Cross (England) Blood of our Savior-Collar (Mantua) Broom Flower-Collar (France) Calatrava-Badge (Spain) Charles III Badge (Spain) Charles III Collar (Spain)
Charles III Grand Cross (Spain) Chase Collar (Wurtemberg) Conception-Star (Brazil) Cordeliere (France) Crown of Bavaria-Badge (Bavaria) Crown of Bavaria-Star (Bavaria) Danebrog Grand Cross-Badge (Denmark)
Double Crescent-Collar (France) Double Crescent-Collar (Short) (France) Dragon Overthrown-Collar (Hungary) Garter-Collar (England) Garter-Collar (Short) (England) Garter-Star (England) Genet-Collar (France)
Golden Fleece Collar Golden Fleece Collar (Short) Golden Lion-Badge (Hesse) Golden Lion-Star (Hesse) Golden Spur-Badge (Papal Order) Golden Spur-Star (Papal Order) Holy Ghost (France)
Holy Ghost- Short Collar (Spain) Holy Ghost-Collar (Spain) Hospitalers Badge (France) Hospitalers Badge (Germany) Hospitalers Badge (Malta) Hospitalers Badge (Spain) Iron Casque (Badge of Merit)
Iron Cross (Austria) Isabel the Catholic-Star (Spain) Knot of Naples (Italy) Lady of Mercy (Aragon) Lily of Navarre-Collar (Spain) Maria Theresa-Star (Austria) Military Merit-Badge (Prussia)
Military Merit-Badge (Wurtemberg) Military Merit-Cross (France) Military Merit-Star (Baden) Military Order-Badge (France) Military Order-Badge (Savoy) Order of Death's Head-Badge (Silesia) Order of the Star-Badge (Sicily)
Polar Star-Cross (Sweden) Porcupine-Collar (France)

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