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Gaelic Crests-Ireland
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Sadleir (Tipperary) Salle (Tipperary) Salmon Samuels (Dublin and Cork) Sanders (Cork) Sanderson (Cavan) Sandford (Baron Mount-Sandford)
Sands (Kildare) Sarsfield (Viscount Kilmallock) Saunders (Wexford) Saurin (Attorney-General for Ireland) Savage (Down) Scanlan or O'Scanlan Scott (Earl of Cromwell)
Segrave (Meath) Seward (Cork) Sexton (1631) Seymour (Limerick) Shane ( Knighted in Christ`s Church) Shanly (Leitrim) Shannon
Sharkey (Dublin) Sharpe Shaughnessy or O'Shaughnessy Shaw (Tyrone) Shea or O'Shea or Shee (Kerry) Sheaffe (Clare) Shearman (Kilkenny)
Sheehan or O'Sheehan Sheil or O'Sheil or Sheill Sheilds ( Meath) Sheridan or O'Sheridan Sherland (Down) Sherlock (Kildare and Waterford) Shore (Baron Teignmouth)
Shortall (Dublin and Kilkenny) Siborne (Dublin) Singleton (Meath) Sisson or Sison Slacke (Down) Slade Slator (Meath)
Slattery or O'Slattery Sloane Somerville (Cork) Sommer (Dublin) Southwell (Viscount Southwell) Stafford (Wexford) Sullivan (Sullivan-Beare)
Sullivan or O'Sullivan Sutton (Wexford) Swift Sydney (Knighted by Sir George Cary) Sylver (Cork) Synge ( King`s co) Synnott (Meath)

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