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Heritage Crafts
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Imperial Eagle Imperial Eagle-M India Hawk India Hawk-M Kestrel Falcon Kestrel Falcon-M King Vulture
King Vulture (Attacking) King Vulture (Attacking)-M King Vulture-M Lammergeier Vulture Lammergeier Vulture-M Lesser Kestrel Falcon Lesser Kestrel Falcon-M
Little Night Owl Little Night Owl-M Little Owl of Europe Little Owl of Europe-M Long-Eared Owl Long-Eared Owl-M Marsh Harrier or Moor Hawk
Marsh Harrier or Moor Hawk-M Merlin Falcon Merlin Falcon (Female) Merlin Falcon-M Naked-Footed Night Owl Naked-Footed Night Owl-M Northern Hawk Owl
Northern Hawk Owl-M Northern Saw-Whet Owl Northern Saw-Whet Owl-M Orange Legged Falcon Orange Legged Falcon-M Osprey (Fish Hawk) with catch Osprey (Fish Hawk) with catch-M
Osprey Rising to Flight Osprey Rising to Flight-M Pallas' Fish Eagle Pallas' Fish Eagle-M Peregrine Falcon Peregrine Falcon-M Pigmy Owl
Pigmy Owl-M Pondicherry Eagle Pondicherry Eagle-M Red Kite Red Kite-M Red Tailed Hawk Red Tailed Hawk-M
Red-Shouldered Hawk Red-Shouldered Hawk-M Ring Tailed Eagle Ring Tailed Eagle-M Royal Eagle or Golden Royal Eagle or Golden-M Scops-Eared Owl
Scops-Eared Owl-M Scottish Sea Eagle Scottish Sea Eagle-M Secretary Bird or Marching Eagle) Secretary Bird or Marching Eagle)-M Short Eared Owl (Female) Short-Eared Owl
Short-Eared Owl-M Short-toed Eagle Small Cape Eagle Small Cape Eagle-M Snowy Owl Snowy Owl or Great White Snowy Owl or Great White-M
Snowy Owl-M Sociable Vulture Sparrow Hawk Sparrow Hawk (Diving) Sparrow Hawk (Diving)-M Sparrow Hawk-M Spotted Owl-in Profile (Australia)
Spotted Owl-M Spotted Owl-Perched (Australia) Steppe Eagle Steppe Eagle-M Swallow-Tailed Kite Swallow-Tailed Kite-M Tawny Owl
Tawny Owl-M Tengmalm's or Boreal Owl Tengmalm's or Boreal OwL-M The Canada Owl The Common Kite The Common Kite-M The White Falcon
The White Falcon-M Turkey Buzzard Turkey Buzzard-M Ural Owl Ural Owl-M Vulture Hawk Washington Sea Eagle
Wedge Tailed Eagle Wedge Tailed Eagle-M White-Tailed Sea Eagle White-Tailed Sea Eagle-M Young Horned Owl

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